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The thing I’ve missed most since retiring from the news business in 1999 is writing a personal opinion column. I penned columns for various publications for a good part of my journalistic career. Now, I’ve decided to become a blogger, a word that didn’t even exist when I started my professional career more than 55 years ago. I plan to write on the things that interest me, so there will be no particular theme to my ramblings. I will welcome your feedback.

At the same time, I am publishing my memoirs on this site. I’ve been working on them off and on (mostly off) for several years, but I realized as I enter my twilight years that I’d better get them finished or miss the chance. The Web seems to be a great place to do this. My personal story probably won’t be of interest to many, but I will be most interested to hear from anybody who is brave enough to read all my verbiage.

In one sense, it seems egoistic to write one’s memoirs. On the other hand, it is a chance to leave a record of many things: life in a small mountain town in the 1930s, a newspaper career at the end of print journalism’s golden era, and a romance that defied all odds. I hope that at least it will be an opportunity for my grandchildren to know who their grandfather and grandmother were, and to appreciate their ancestors. My dad was a great story teller, but his stories, except for poorly remembered excerpts, mostly died with him. I guess I want to continue to bore people with my stories even after I’m gone.

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